Getting Started as a Freelance Web Designer with Veronica Domeier

What happens when you reach your professional limit working at a company? For some, moving onto another place just doesn’t cut it, so the only option is to branch out on your own to experience, grow, and build the things you love.

Veronica Domeier, web designer, took this leap to make it on her own as a professional freelancer. Founder of Fresh & Daily, her work speaks volumes to what you can accomplish when you do what you enjoy.

We chat with Veronica about why she quit the 9-5, what it’s like starting out as a freelance web designer, and the importance of making connections.



Fresh & Daily




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Building Services for Twitter with Twurly Founder Darren Greaves

Twitter is probably the most useful service for keeping up-to-date with news, tech, and communities. However, information can sometimes get lost or buried under thousands or tweets, but luckily there’s devs out there that have built solutions to almost every problem.

Darren Greaves, freelance software developer and tech enthusiast, has created a service called Twurly, an easier way to get the best links from Twitter.

We chat with Darren about why he created Twurly and how it can help sort through your feed, getting involved in dev communities to get the most out of the tech scene, and the best place to go for digital businesses.


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Find Data Patterns with Predictive Analytics: Grant Stanley, co-founder of CAN Work Smart

Find Data Patterns with Predictive Analytics

Businesses generate so much data it’s unbelievable, and let’s face, who wants to sieve through nonsensical data to find important information? It can be almost overwhelming, but not for CAN Work Smart.

The brain child of both Grant Stanley and Ted Wood, CAN Work Smart is an analytic service that uses contemporary analysis to dive into nonsensical data, finding patterns and solutions to otherwise chaotic problems.

We chat with Grant about what CAN Work Smart is and how it can help your business excel, attracting those first customers when starting out, and common problems and solutions faced by new businesses.



Predictive Analytics: What it is and how it can impact your business.

Sales Leads: How to generate sales leads.

Mechanical Failure & Predictive Analytics: Learn how CanWorkSmart helped a company predict and precent critical roof failures.

University Admissions & Predictive Analytics: Optimising recruiting for an online university.

Customer Segmentation & Predictive Analytics: Preparing for the affordable care act.

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Ezents on Starting a Business in Palestine

Starting a Business in Palestine

One of the many challenges we face is doing something new, but let’s face it, if it ain’t broke don’t fix it! We have few bold and courageous people that do what others won’t, like starting your own company – Nedal Zahran is one of the few that started his own business.

Nedal is the man behind both and Ezents, which is an event management and promotion service. Having a background in startups and investment, he has the experience and knowledge to advise those just starting their own business.

We got the chance to chat with Nedal about starting his own company, tools that every startup should be using, and some of the major challenges faced running a business in Palestine.


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